1 Coleridge St,
Hove, BN3 5AB

01273 965651

Delivering to all of BN3,
BN1 2, BN1 3 and BN1 5, as well as BN41 and BN42


35 St Georges Rd, Kemptown
Brighton, BN2 1ED

01273 699082

Delivering to BN2 and the rest of BN1, max ~3 miles

Specials Board




No mozzarella, double sauce, garlic, oregano, smoked swordfish and lemon zest

Smoked Hann


Smoked paprika, ricotta, and pancetta, with mixed shiitake, oyster, and chestnut mushrooms, and sage



Roasted aubergine and courgette with oregano, plum tomatoes, mint and basil pesto, parmesan and black pepper


Ice Creams

Raspberry and Ginger Sorbet (vgn)


Praline and Pecan


Pumpkin Pie


Pomegranate & Coconut


Speculoos Sorbet (vgn)



Kemptown Open

Mon4 - 10pm

Tue12 - 2pm + 4 - 10pm

Wed12 - 2pm + 4 - 10pm

Thu12 - 2pm + 4 - 10pm

Fri12 - 2pm + 4 - 11pm

Sat12 - 11pm

Sun4 - 10pm

Hove Open

Mon4 - 10pm

Tue 4 - 10pm

Wed4 - 10pm

Thu4 - 10pm

Fri4 - 11pm

Sat4 - 11pm

Sun4 - 10pm


Free delivery over £15

£1.50 charge under £15

£10 minimum bill

We accept cards

Max delivery are: 3 miles



Pizzafacepizza We are apparently also having intermittent phone line problems in Brighton, so if you get cut off, please accept our apologies!
Pizzafacepizza The card machine in Hove is down for about a week, so cash only until then I'm afraid!
Pizzafacepizza @OkiNamiJapanese That stuff is insanely tasty!
Pizzafacepizza Venting problems in Kemptown at the moment, will hopefully be sorted before 4.00, but no deliveries at the moment :(
Pizzafacepizza A TMNT episode all about Pizzaface!
Pizzafacepizza @StickyMikes @Fight_Lab We got the pizzas there in the end!
Pizzafacepizza @catekitchen Great, thank you @catekitchen, glad you liked it! RT Spelt base at @Pizzafacepizza is unsurprisingly top notch.
Pizzafacepizza @24stgeorges @TerreaTerre We think you're great! Well done #ofmawards
Pizzafacepizza @Azarodining ha! You lucky people! All of them! We love them all! (especially the halwa)
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