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Spelt Base

Wholegrain spelt base, a healty alternative and edible by many people with a wheat intolerance. + £ 1

Gluten & Wheat

Base made with gluten and wheat free flour+ £ 3

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vegan Mondays and Tuesdays

Vegan pizzas are now available all week, and vegan cheese can be swapped onto a pizza at no added cost.

All the following pizzas use vegan alternatives to the listed ingredients. The “meats” contain gluten.

The beetroot pepperoni is made by us using fresh roasted beetroot with traditional pepperoni seasonings

Thom Yorke (vgn)


Cheese, spinach, smoked tofu sausage, pine nuts, sour cream and chopped garlic

Ozzy (vgn)


Cheese, chorizo, pepperoni, smoked sausage, mushrooms and red onions

Zephaniah (vgn)


Cheese, chorizo, pepperoni, red onions and fresh chillies

The Moby (vgn)

£ 10

Cheese, chorizo, smoked sausage, marinated peppers, sour cream and red onion

Art/Beets (vgn)


vgn cheese, artichokes, spinach, beetroot ‘pepperoni’

Gabriel (vgn)


vegan pesto base, (no cheese), sun dried tomatoes, caramelised onions, red onions, olives, fresh chilli, chipotle chilli

Miss Muffin Top

Dairy free chocolate brownies specially made for us in the Brighton Lanes. Flavours will change, so please do ask when ordering.





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